Brianca ♥ Jay

A native to Houston Texas, Brianca Jay lives in a small apartment with her beloved boyfriend and dog Bronx.  Known for both her eclectic spirit and quirky personality, she enjoys the liveliness of crowds and the solitude of absolute silence.


Though, she was called to write at a early age, she spent 20 years collecting memories and experiences that allowed her to better empathize with mankind, now at 26, she has found that all she ever thought she knew has never been quite what it seemed. Now, she writes in order to connect with the metaphysical world, and hopes to provide clarity, hope, and serenity for wandering souls . Driven by her own sense of self purpose Brianca seeks to create a sense of trust, love and empathy with society by ripping off the filter of perfection and sharing her truest identity.


After quitting the rat race of corporate America, Brianca finds solace in  living life on her own terms. To fill her days Brianca fellows at Texas Southern University as a Graduate student studying English Literature, She writes and submits short stories, works alongside her literacy foundation to provide assistance to inner city children, manages this website with weekly updates, and seeks peace in chaos.