A Love Poem For (Z)

Lately I have spent my sleepless nights constructing a series of poems. This one in particular is dedicated to lovers, to falling deeply into the unknown and building a home there. To allowing love to conquer all.


Let’s Runaway

Somewhere far

Take a ship through outer space

Skinny Dip on planet Mars

Close your eyes

Paint our Names in the stars


Baby,  let’s runaway

Skip goodbyes

Build a home out of abandoned countryside

Travel lightly

Two beacons of light be

Us, and yes

I could go alone

But in you I find my home


come with me


Let’s run away

Sail into the tide

Shoot down a rabbit hole

Travel through time

Swim against the current

Fly into the sun

Paint the town red

Forget everyone

And Everything

That ever came between you and me

Grab your things

Baby, its time

Let’s Run A Way



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