Who knows but that, on lower frequencies, I speak for you

This article reflects the personal choices of this author to speak out in regards to social injustices, irregardless of mainstream opinion.


“You don’t give a fuck, you will say anything.” 

I knew it was a compliment, but still the idea caused me to shift in my seat. I do give a fuck, in fact I give a lot of fucks. I decided to answer the dependent clause instead. 

“Well isn’t that the point?”  

After all I am a writer, a radio personality, and a scholar. If I bite my tongue, who will tell the truth? If I stop speaking on injustice, who will? 

If I stop speaking on injustice, who will?

I realize that people like me, people willing to speak freely, to tell the uncomfortable truths, to damn public opinion and remain firmly grounded in reality are often misinterpreted as fearless, brave, crazy, and to seem as if they don’t give a fuck. People who have known you your entire life began to create a new perception of you, one of admiration, terror and mystery. 

But the truth is, speaking the truth, your truth, is not an easy thing to do. Speaking out on social injustices is scary. Standing in front of a room lecturing on the injustices of African American’s continues to be daunting for me. I know that my beliefs, my politics, my ancestry will be challenged. That employers will attempt to silence me, as was the case for Jemille Hill, corporations will attempt to banish me, as was Colin Kaepernick, the media will cast me as a threat as was Korryn Gaines.  images-3

Yet, these very real threats cannot dictate my steps. Where I am today, I never imagined two years ago. I worked in hospitality management, I had a luxury apartment, constant vacations, and the American personification of post college happiness, but I wasn’t happy.  

The persona I was playing in public, didn’t match my private beliefs. The ideas, and ideologies I parroted to my team, were so rarely mine that I felt like a puppet. The injustices I witnessed in silence embarrassed me. I was repulsed by the corporate puppet that I had become. Hell, to be honest the checks weren’t good enough for all that. I spent nights crying at my own pathetic life. 

Why wasn’t I doing what I was called to do? Why can’t I find work that I enjoy? Why am I stuck? Trapped? Unhappy? Isn’t this what everyone is searching for? images-2

Then one day it all changed, fate called. It was time to walk in my light, to align my steps with my purpose. I quit-unprofessionally and I am finally happy. I use my voice as an instrument for justice, I write about what I believe in. And who knows but that, on lower frequencies, I speak for you? 

And who knows but that, on lower frequencies, I speak for you?


People ask me to be careful. To worry. To quiet down. You’ll need a job they say. The man is watching they warn. 

My answer: Why would I start limiting my abilities to fit others ideologies? Why would I work for a company that asks me to divorce my politics? Why would I live my life in pursuit of money? 

People always speak of walking in faith, but few ever do. See, you cannot walk in faith and carry a safety net. You cannot be true to you, if you are constantly pleasing other people. There can be no change without their first being a challenge. 

You have to be willing to trip, to fall, to fail, to get up, to try again. To grow within the confines of a microscope. To reshape the box. To let go of fear. To be vulnerable. To walk in faith. To defy the limits set by mankind. 

When man said I had to work a job I hate, god found a way. When man said I couldn’t afford to go to school, god found a way. When man said, no-one will listen, God gave me a microphone. 

What I am saying is, the thoughts of man have no power here

What I am saying is, the thoughts of man have no power here. What is for me, will always be mine! I shall not waste this precious gift bestowed on me by worrying. 


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