Seeking Justice in the Land of the Free

So, the past two weeks are for history I would say.  Racism turned its ugly head once again and revealed the truth that black activists have been telling you all along.

From the Nazi protest, where people openly carried rifles and torches through the University of Virginia and attacking a group of students, to a domestic terrorist fashioning his vehicle into a weapon of mass destruction, injuring 19 people,  to Donald Trump advocating for white supremacy, all I can say is: Do you believe me yet? Am I still to black? to conscious? to angry? Are you angry yet?  4303967fad9d292933910498f4e849e5

When black lives matter became a nationwide movement people asked why? Why black lives matter? Why not all lives matter? Do police lives matter?  

And although there was a large and unanimous response citing that it is Black lives, because it is Black people who are suffering at the hands of social injustice. With this explanation inquirers were also provided historical evidence to back this claim. Still, they were denounced, unheard, ignored. ‘Get over it’ they mumbled. ‘Blue lives matter’ they chanted. ‘ All lives matter they insisted’ 

Even so far as a cop telling me to go fuck myself after I openly protested against the outcry of police brutality. To which my African American friends laughed.  images-14

Is it still funny? Is the threat still make believe to you? James Baldwin once said, ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. 

In 2008, Baldwin’s statement took on new life, the election of Barak Obama also launched an unintentional wave of racial injustice, first targeting the man, for his audacity to lead a racially charged country, and then the entire African American race for daring to live a life free of subservience. After the election of Donald Trump, things have become progressively worse. White supremacists have gained the confidence to unmask both their faces and their hatred. targeting people of color, diversity, religious factions and individuals who identify as lesbian, bisexual, gay  or trans. lead_960b6e1dc24251b1303ecb00a7e27b650b8

In the wake of such catastrophic events, such as the murder of Trayvon Martin and Mesha Caldwell, the ban of muslims to enter the U.S, the insistence on justifying police brutality, and the intentional poisoning in Flint, Michigan, we all began to ask ourselves: what is one to do? We have tried submission. We have tried segregation. We have tried passive resistance. We have even tried to ignore it.  

Today, our backs have been pushed up against a wall, there are no more cheeks to turn, let us learn from history, let us fight back! The time is now, we must get involved, in any way we see fit. Let us remember that “what they believe, as well as what they do and cause you to endure does not testify to your inferiority but to their inhumanity” (Baldwin) 

Do not be brainwashed into the idea that advocating for justice and inclusion for all peoples, as it is not only black and white, is somehow crazy or unamarican. Trans people, Muslims, Mexicans, and mebers of the LGBT are also being targeted, attacked and even murdered. We can not allow the government to give us justice. We must take justice. The government belongs to the people.  Speak up! Make noise, be insistent. Apply Pressure, thats how change happens.

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