The Problem with 4:44

Yo jay, I hear you talking and I’m a let you finish, but I wanted to talk to you about 4:44 for a minute. Well, specifically Moonlight.

You just released the footnotes, and like all other mega fans I immediately sat down to watch it. World Stop!

4:44  metaphor about African American culture assimilating to white audiences, illustrated by Moonlight , by way of having a black production of friends is both an accurate interpretation of hollywood’s inability to accept the African American Perspective and African American’s willingness to conform in order to receive validation and acceptance.  After the actor underwent an epiphany which granted him the consciousness to walk off of set, and no longer conform to societal expectations, your voice rang forth: You niggas still signing deals? After all they done stole? and here is where the problem sets in…

Am I  gone sign that record deal? Come on Jay, you know the answer to that. Tell me if you hadn’t seen a check in a while, you got a notice about the lights and the cable, are you gonna scoff at a 4 million dollar record deal? Hell, are you gonna scoff at a few 100,000? With a billion dollar net worth hell yea, but from here, on the bottom, drowning in student loan debt, I will humbly accept that job paying me the low range of salary pricing if it gets my foot in the door. It’s the reason many of us take internships or work entry level positions, because although you have the qualifications on paper, they need to see both the attitude and the drive and in return I’m learning every detail I can in order to strike out alone. I get it , its not fair. They’re robbing us, they’re cheating, and the rules continue changing.  But does that mean don’t eat?

And I thank you for teaching me to run, but Jay… I need you to come back down. While listening to 4:44 all i could think was, I wish he would stop rapping to the guys who can get a couple bands together to take a picture, and talk to his fan base, we out here with low wage jobs and high dollar degrees. Rent is high, and so are services ( also about those concert tickets …) , we just aren’t in a place in our financial trajectory to be looking to diverse our portfolio with one million dollar paintings.

The truth is you are in a position that most people never meet, with one billion dollars I would feel a lot differently, hell I feel what you are saying, but see ,with less than 5 dollars in my savings I’m gonna need some beginner level advice… what should I do?

I don’t have access to a drug empire, didn’t push a benz in 89′ , I ain’t never big pimped, or tipped bartenders for cold ice, I damn sure haven’t got fucked up in Paris with Kanye, and from the loooks of it your million dollar advice is reserved for millionaires.

You said each of us have genius level ability and I believe that, tell me how do I capitalize on it?

That’s all I wanted to say. Congrats on the twins. Hope to see you at the cookout, everybody misses you. You can get off that high horse now…

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