I am broke– but thats not my fault

 Have you ever been skimming through social media, and ended up feeling sad and like a failure??? Be honest! images

It’s OK, I have been there too! I mean, how can you not? There is money raining on strippers, enviable pictures of vacations to Milan, Chanel bags and red bottoms. You watch their feeds as they hawk flat tummy teas, magic bras with no straps, and led teeth whiteners and think to yourself: “what am I doing wrong?”

Well I have some news, brought to you by my high school stats teacher, (shout out to you) and the bureau of labor and statistics. One showed me the power of numbers and averages, and the other gave me data, respectively
… and with these powers combined I have discovered… YOU BE LYING!!!Ck7aonP

After combing through some research posed by the Atlantic, Wall Street Journal and Nerdwallet to see just where the average mid 20 american income  falls on the spectrum of broke ass bitch to balling out of control, I decided to crack the numbers for myself.MinorCluelessIndigowingedparrot

So, I headed over to the handiest website I have ever been introduced to..The Bureau of labor and Statistics , it is commissioned by the US Department of Labor.

What the hell is that , you say?

Glad you asked, their mission, and I quote, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor is the principal Federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. Its mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate essential economic information to support public and private decision-making. As an independent statistical agency, BLS serves its diverse user communities by providing products and services that are objective, timely, accurate, and relevant.”

Lay mans terms…they crunch numbers of pay, economy, employment, and benefits… they can differentiate by race, age, and gender ( and like a ton of other shit) all in order to provide accurate information to us, the public.

Ok, so why is this important? Because by surfing through these charts… excuse me researching and analyzing, I found that a lot of you are faking it for the web!download-5

Yes, sad to say, while social media can keep your dirty little secret, you cant hide from the bureau .

See, after crunching the numbers I found that the average person 25 and up makes 908.00 weekly. Multiply that number by 52 (the  numbers of weeks in a calendar year) and the salary is 47,216$

908.00 x 52 = 47,216 —- the average median salary for 25 years and up in 2017


Now, since I am african american It only seemed fitting that I narrow that number down even further…

Median Weekly Earning —709.00

Multiply the weeks of a calendar year —52

709.00 x 52 = 36,868—-the average median salary for an African American  25 years and up in 2017

Getting very frigging interesting now, yes??download-4

Well, I am also a woman and if I  crack these numbers by both race, age and gender… well lets see

Median Weekly Earning—672.00

Multiply the weeks of a calendar year —52


672.00 x 52 =  34,944 -the average median salary for a African American women  25 years and up in 2017

Wow!! No wonder Blacc Chyna had to resort to a scam to get that coin!! download-1

And while other races like white and asian women are making more, hispanics are last to get the coin. And once we begin to favor in student ;fans, health care. groceries, and taxes, our pockets are drier than the Sahara.

What does this mean? Well, for capitalist, fake it until you make it. tenor-4

for the “sheeple” there will continue to be money blowed in strip clubs and picturesque brunches ,only to later ask for a payment arrangement on the light bill. There will still be pictures flushed with money, in cheap hotels.. even if Jay-Z hates it!

The scams will continue, everything from fake socials, bank scam promotions, and stealing federal aid money will be all the rage..


The back page escorts will be ever present, and drug empires will pop up everywhere…it is just the nature of the beast.tumblr_oct2l9oBOJ1qfeq1mo1_400

I ain’t judging, get your coin.

However, if you are like me, and have read the Marxist Manifesto or perhaps listened to Old Man Bernie while he was on the campaign trail, then you understand the issue is systematic. It is not YOU who have failed , but the government, who has promised you a better life, that has failed. You are broke and budgeting by design, and because of the nature of capitalism you are meant to see those advertisements for new cars, phones, shoes ,and either go into debt to purchase it ,or go in to a depression because you cant compete with your lying ass friend posing with her rent check. And while I was totally appalled by the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian scandal, these numbers shed a new light on the issue. If we were paid a descent living wage, maybe just maybe, people wouldn’t have to be reduced to scheming and creating child support baby’s.. but hey that is just one theory.


All in all, this is nothing new, we should have supported Old Man Bernie, all he wanted was a descent living wage, free college, national healthcare, and access to healthy foods… but people said that was outrageous. Never the less,  I want all my fellow broke people to stat this week new.  According to the stats we are all  broke ass bitches (— on the spectrum!), so no more depression, it is time to strategize, what can we do to bank more coin??? Anybody? I’m ready to start balling out of control…also I’m now doing professional pet photography, coming to a dog park near you… I take cash, pay pal and venmo …I need strip club money.download-2


See you next week… what will i expose next??

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  1. Gurl, you know people aren’t who they “post” to be. While they showing stacks, I’m stacking coupons and building my stockpile.

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