To A Dark Girl

I love you for your browns

And the rounded darkness of your breast.

I love you for the breaking sadness in your voice

And sadness where your wayward eye-lids rest.DSCN0185

Something of old forgotten queens

Lurks in the lithe abandon of your walkDSCN0163

And something of the shackled slave

Sobs in the rhythm of your talk.DSCN0179

Oh little brown girl, born for sorrow’s mate,

Keep all you have of queenliness ,DSCN0159 (1)

Forgetting that you were once were a slave, and let your full lips laugh at fate!

Photos taken by amazing boyfriend

Poem by the brilliant Gwendolyn B. Bennett

From Negro Poets and their poems, ed. Robert T. Kerlin 1923

To all my beautiful black women, do not dismayed by the insanity of the world.

You are more beautiful than you know, more powerful than you can imagine.

Your very existence is a gift to the world.

Shine baby girl, shine!


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