Slaying the F**K out of 2017

Happy New Year!

2016 has been an emotional roller coaster for all of us, there was the pettiest election of all time, publicized police brutality went ignored, racism became an accepted attitude, and celebrities died all year round. With all that, jam-packed into 52 weeks , its no wonder that most of my friends are begging for 2016 to hurry and be over! After all- New year, New Me!17821249

Ordinarily I would agree, this year has been enough to break even the toughest of optimists, however in regards to my own personal developments, 2016 has been the best year of my life!. At the end of 2015 I set some personal aspirations for myself, things that I wanted to change in 2016. My goals for the new year were to leave that job I hated so much, find work in a field I chose, enroll into grad school, start sharing my writings, work out more, and keep a house so clean that my grandmother would be proud.

In exception to finally conquering the art of a spotless home, which was an impossible feat anyway, I accomplished them all. I broke away from the comfort of my job that I had worked in for three years in October of 2015, and away from corporate America all together in August of 2016. I applied and was offered a place in graduate school with a full scholarship,a job and a stipend.I created designed and began my blog this year, and the feedback form all of you has been amazing,Thank you!  And finally, I got super fit *toot from my own horn*!! tumblr_inline_mv4ffvikid1rg0g8s

I couldn’t have asked for more, so in 2017 my goals are simple-  I want all that I have accomplished in 2016 to continue to flourish in 2017.

Consequently, I decided to take a few steps in that direction before the 1st, and because I love you all and want 2017 to be OUR year, Im sharing all of my tips to designing a year worth bragging about!

1.Throw it all out!


Im talking to all of you pack rats out there, let it go! I cleaned out my closet(s) and got rid of all of my damaged, outdated, and just plain ugly clothes and shoes, I’m sad to admit that there were loads.…looking at you fashion of 2013. No need to carry those things with me into the new year. Throw it all away, not only can you see what you actually have ( so that you can make a mental list of all the things you need) everything left will be things you love.

I admit it was a difficult feat, but once it was out I felt so relaxed and my closet has never looked better.

To make it a little easier I advise looking at everything individually and ask yourself a series of questions. Does it fit? Is it in good condition(torn, stained, frayed)? Is it in style? Have you worn it at all this year?

If you say No at any time throw it away! (Don’t forget donating, or gifting to a friend  are options too.)


2. Clean it Up!


After I got all the old and useless items to the trash, I was able to do a deep cleaning of my home. You know the junk drawers, the rug, the couch, the oven— oh my god the oven.

If you are like me and only know a certain level of clean, but really want that magazine look check out Pinterset for the greatest cleaning lists, organization tips, and awesome hacks. No point of going into the new year with a dirty home, car, junk drawer or anything else. Clean it up! That way 2017 is all about maintaining, and when everybody is doing spring cleaning you can be totally  chill!


3. Get Organized AFimages-4

I know I have BIG plans for this year, and I know you do too, but those big ideas can sometimes be forgotten or feel unattainable if we leave it only in our minds. Invest in a planner, write down all your important dates. Take  your time, depending on what your field is this may take a while, but it will be worth it in the end. When you stay ready, you never have to get ready. The planner below allows you to customize your days and makes organization a breeze.

Personally, I have two planners, I have one that is for school assignments, deadlines, and social events, but I have recently invested in a second for submission deadlines, writing contests, and conference dates.


4. Make Amends200-1

Make those apologies Now! Lets not walk into the new year with old grudges, don’t let any of that shit boggle you down. Make those apologies you have been avoiding, have that difficult conversation, forgive that A-whole who did that thing you didn’t like, or if you have to cut them out all together. The point is not to carry any hostile energy with you into the new year.

Nevertheless, making amends was my most dragged out and avoided assignment, so I understand the apprehension you may be feeling at the thought of all those (hopefully very few) phone calls, but once I finished I felt so much better.

Accordingly, I would like to advise that you don’t expect each of those conversations to be easy~ depending on how tense things got, this may take some time.


5. Set your goals635870404492383124-1274021129_nyr6

You have goals I know! Are you buying that house this year? Having a baby? Getting Married? Going on tour? Perhaps, you want to land that promotion? Become an entrepreneur? Invest in a business?

I don’t know what your dreams are, but what I do know is you have to claim it. Speak it into existence and watch it materialize. Whether you just share it with a friend, get a dream journal or construct a vision board its up to you, but you have to say it with belief in yourself, and remind yourself to go for it! You can also try this vision board from Amazon that not only helps you visualize your goals but tracks your progress too.



OK Jaybirds, off you go to make 2017 the best year of your life! Share your goals for 2016 down below, I want to know. Then share this with your friend who hasn’t started planning yet. Cause friends don’t let friends be lazy. You got this!!

See you all in 2017…

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