So, I am a Witch!

The magic I have found in words, can be used both for good and evil. Today, I have decided to devote my self into using those powers for good!


After my twelfth birthday passed with no letter from Hogwarts, and then my thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth ( just to be sure), I realized perhaps Wizards do not exsist. Yet, I still never stopped believing in magic or even the idea that I may possess some myself. After all, I cast spells every day, and so do you. I am referring to the power that lies in our words, any person at any time can speak wisdom, prophecy, love or evil into this world. So he says it, so it will be. This is why it is incredibly important to be aware of the words we choose to share.Used properly words have been all the magic this world needs, yet even I have lost sight of their unique power.I have used them in ways that can harm, humiliate, discourage, and isolate my loved ones and myself. Over the past few days I have been reminded of just how impactful words can be.

RecentIy, I sat in my classroom while two girls sat behind me giggling about my hair. Trivial and insignificant, and yet I was greatly disturbed. See, though they were just having a laugh, they failed to consider how those words may have affected me. After class, I took the time to confront one of the girl’s regarding this. I had her number so I decided to contact her, I politely explained that I had overheard the conversation and was unimpressed by her behavior. My classmate found this offensive, she called me names, she said it never happened, and insulted my character. 200Yesterday, however, the second girl involved approached me and simply apologized, it wasn’t long or exaggerated just a simple admission of wrong doing that made all the difference in how I would view her and interact with her for years to come.Her apology built a bridge between us, one of mutual respect and gratitude. In contrast, my classmate who used her words to lie and manipulate me, well she may never have my respect.


Additionally,  I found that I was guilty of misusing my words too, I had been using my powers  to harm someone I love. Without ego, I listened intently as my beloved described the ways I tear him down, in both word choice and inflection of voice. When he finished sharing his truth, I cried. Undeniable was his statement, I had allowed my words to become my weapon, and wielded them without regard to their destructive capabilities. I was not using words to articulate a feeling or to provide insight into my mind, instead I had reduced them to a tool that I could use to hurt someone. For whatever reason, I was pushing my beloved further and further away when in reality I wanted him closer to me. In hurting him, in using my words to belittle him, I found that I was only hurting myself. 7kaybvu

Yet, I know I am not alone in this a great number of people— especially those inclined to social media are compelled to give voice to any passing feeling, thought or impression they have.  Someone we love disappoints us, and we take great pride in the fact that ‘we read they ass’, but most times we aren’t telling them how down and affected we are by their behavior, but simply cursing and tearing them down. Hoping that it will help to build us up.

People often speak carelessly, dumping the contents of their mind without considering the magnitude of what they are saying. When we choose to talk about trivial matters as in gossiping about others, our attention is wasted on trivialities. When we further waste our time belittling the people closest to us, we isolate ourselves from our support systems. We possess magic, our words being our wands, and then use said magic in ways that harm.tumblr_mahf1ehtiv1rdutw3o1_400

Thich Nhat Hanh, global peace worker and contemporary Buddhist monk states “speaking honestly in any negotiation between individuals or groups is necessary. Speaking the truth in a loving way is also necessary’. We must be mindful of the words we say in passing, when we think no-one is listening, and especially the ones we choose in anger. Though you may forget what you say, and they may to, the feeling and the weight of those words, the hate you spread—it doesn’t go away. We all possess magic and power, but with it we must remain cautious and aware of its effects.tumblr_mlii0ha5bn1r0y8j6o1_500   Use your power to share your thoughts on this subject in the comment below. I’m a good witch now, so no worries of a clap back!! Also don’t forget to comment like and subscribe.

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