I Look Stupid

“I Don’t Want to Look Stupid!” – What a natural and human emotion. Of course, no one (even those who are in fact stupid) wants to look stupid in front of the world. But this emotion, this FEAR should not deter you from taking risks whether it be starting your business, going back to school, mending a broken relationship, or whatever it is that YOU want to do. Yet, for much longer than anyone should, I allowed this very same fear to rule me. I refused to reach as high as I could, to try with all my might, and failed to step boldly into the unknown- lest some stranger I have never met stumble across me doing anything short of perfection and deem me ‘stupid’; not realizing then that has been the single stupidest thing I have ever done. Here is why: There is no shame in trying anything, we ALL look stupid sometimes, and above all else nobody is thinking about you.unknown-2


Growing up it was so many things I wanted to try that I didn’t. I was worried that I wouldn’t be good at, that people would notice and make fun of me. I was afraid to fail and embarrass myself so I reverted to giving no effort. How STUPID is that? If I tried something, and wasn’t instantly perfect I decided I didn’t like it. I only wanted to do things I had a natural talent for, and even then I didn’t give the talent the attention it deserved. That was stupid! I wish I had tried everything, tried hard, and gave it my best. At least then I would know, instead I was paralyzed by fear and didn’t try anything. I successfully ran away from the opportunity to succeed.

Yes! The hell I do..
Yes! The hell I do..

Yet, I saw people try things and I didn’t think THEY were stupid. I admired those people! When my sisters and I were growing up my Mom took a risk and quit a job that most people would envy.  When she made that decision I am sure there was some person somewhere that told her it was a stupid idea. I am not sure where that person is now, but my mom works for herself and she tripled her income! Doesn’t look so stupid in hindsight does it?  See, the doubters are only doubters because they can’t see your vision. People are often limited by a failure to see their own potential, not understanding that as individuals we are the only thing that stand between a dream and a destiny. It is this failure to see that makes it difficult to understand that though something may look stupid, that doesn’t make it so. Steve Jobs was stupid to drop out of school, Albert Einstein was thought remedial by teachers, Oprah Winfrey was fired from a broadcasting position, hell Beyonce was doubted and heckled for years…None of those people look stupid now. Those people tried, and though people found that amusing, and condemned them for it they didn’t allow temporary trials to determine their life, instead they tried that much harder. They pushed, they fought, they fell and they got back up …and they WON! We all look stupid from time to time, but looks are deceiving.

Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Eventually, I grew tired of my box. I began to stretch it, push it, nudge at it. Until eventually I broke free, I decided to no longer live by limits. I began trying new things! I made new friends, who were also breaking free of comfort zones. I was no longer concerned with how people perceived me, I was far to busy with my new cool hobbies, with my new cool friends that understood my need to grow and learn and explore. I didn’t have time to worry about people. It was then that I finally realized that nobody was worried about me. People are far to busy with their lives to be concerned with your failures. For example, I often work with college freshman for English 131. The students walk in and are all freshly starched, flashy, begging to be noticed, yet nervous and uncomfortable at the same time.  I sit at the head of the room, looking at all the effort each of them have put into their appearance that day, and also noticing that each of them were so absorbed with their own looks that they had no time to assess anyone else. Ditto! Just goes to show you that nobody is worried about you, but you. Hell, if someone would start worrying about me enough to judge me, I’d be flattered. Shit, google me! Make my day!8yvxo


I said all this to say: Go after whatever it is you want. Better to look stupid, than to be stupid. I am here to support you, and I don’t care how stupid you look! Hell, I will come look stupid with you…Just remember who was shooting with you in the gym!!Let me know about something you were afraid to try and how you overcame it or let me know something you are going to try now?? Comment ,Share and Subscribe !!



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