Lil Wayne: The Modern Day Slave

“Why not exploit, enslave, or exterminate a class that everybody is taught to regard as inferior?”

― Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education of the Negro


I for one am sick of the negative, offensive, and insulting comments that only seek to divide African Americans and cast doubt in the minds of the unsure. The fact that celebrities like Lil Wayne, Floyd Mayweather, and A$AP Rocky are constantly being confronted to provide their views on social issues is calculated for the express purpose of illuminating these men’s arrogance and ignorance. The unseen powers at work are seeking to distract us from our cause-African Americans want to receive justice and equal treatment under the rule of the law, by using influential celebrities to make comments that negate the issues at hand officials in positions of power are hoping to undermine the growth, ability and influence that the Black Lives Matter movement has gained. Needless, to say then Little Wayne’s comments to Lyndsey Davis on Nightline further served this exact purpose.


Watching Lil Wayne claiming that his “success” was proof enough that black lives matter in America, was the exemplification of Cater G. Woodson’s statement “..The Negro forgets the delinquents of his race and goes his way to feather his own nest, as he has done in leaving the masses.” Similar to the crimes that Woodson is describing in the Miseducation of the Negro Lil Wayne to has removed himself from the issues that work to destroy the African American communities and works to disconnect himself from the problems faced in his own culture. Instead of acting as a beacon of hope and opportunity using his power to speak against the injustices and police brutality he, like so many other celebrities, is focused solely on self-serving endeavors- specifically his lawsuit with longtime mentor Baby for mismanagement of funds and his dumb ass album release. How can Lil Wayne feel connected to the movement, when he is so rich that “he has never experienced racism”? Has it been so long since he rapped about the hypocrisy of Hurricane Katrina, or when he urged blacks to vote on “Father Tie My Hands”, or perhaps his latest verse on Solange’s record “Mad” where he talks quite plainly about his own struggles as a Black man has been overshadowed by the cars, bitches, drugs, and grand luxurious wealth that his life has afforded him.


Am I then, appalled at his statements? Absolutely! Not only for the hypocrisy afore mentioned but also because of his failure to free himself from bondage.  Lil Wayne has done a 180 on his stance towards racism and justice in America which to me shows that he has effectively fallen back asleep. At a time when our entire culture is dependent on our collective voice. Lil Wayne is the exemplification of man who is enslaved without use of whip or shackle , as he spoke with Lyndsey Davis he singlehandedly  exposed what we have always suspected of celebrities in the music industry- Puppetry. Wayne confirmed his puppet act and gave visibility to  both his strings and the props that hold the sham of it all together. All I can hope is that by betraying his own skin and heritage that he may finally be able to release the Carter V, for that is the only way one can make peace with him approving an interview under the influence of copious drugs only to utterly embarrass himself and all his supporters.

Fortunately, this use of physiological war fare has been seen time and time again and will not work in 2016. It was beyond obvious to all watchers that this man was both high, and controlled, and speaking in complete contradiction to his own actions, raps, and feature verses.Yet there were certain elements of that interview that caused me to reflect on how far we have yet to travel as a people. There are still some individuals whom have yet to see the forest for the trees. My hope is that Lil Wayne and all men like him stop drinking the tea and WAKE THE FUCK UP before it’s too late.

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