Finally Dropping the Weight

Ok, I know you’re only reading this to find out how Igot my body like this.

After 7 weeks of Non Stop commitment
After 7 weeks of Non Stop commitment

Soo, I wont make you wait to long before i get to the details, however before we get into it I should tell you how I found myself in this predicament in the first place.

My body began to change rapidly around my 24th birthday, it was as if all the bread I had ever consumed decided to attach itself to my thighs-overnight. The problem then worsened when I decided to use the BC pill, Im not sure how it happened but in 3 months I went from 115 pounds to  140 pounds.

I was so upset about this that instead of changing the problem, I hyper foucsed on it.

Obsession = Stress = Weight Gain

  I researched nutrition, I joined a gym, I attended free workouts, I attended not-so- free workouts, I tried vegan eating, I drank enough water to fill a baby pool- and honestly with the proper commitment and effort these plans could  have worked, they just weren’t for me.

Here is what did work:


So i didn’t feel comfortable with a diet plan that wouldn’t be able to carry over into my everyday life. Yo-yo dieting would have been fine for a quick fix, but because I was looking for something that I could manage for life Ihad to come up with something different.

What did I do:

I believe in balance, in order to be successful long term I knew I had to balance the things I love with the things I need. So,I decided to do 3 things.

chocolate and strawberry milkshakes
chocolate and strawberry milkshakes

First i decided to not eat out ( if I did eat out, I usually chose really healthy meals I could split with my friend.), I would cook all my meals except Fridays when I was allowed to have a smoothie at  Smoothie King for the 5$ deal. This treat became crucial, as it motivated me throughout the week. I would suggest if you adopt this plan you consider finding your treat as well.

Second, I addd a double portion of vegetables to all my meals. Usually I would steam a vegetable medley with a garlic butter sauce ( let me know if you want the recipe, it truly is amazingly tasty and easy to make) but I also tried brussel sprouts, asparagus, cabbage, spinach,kale, and any other veggie on the produce aisle.  I didn’t focus on which vegetables (although I stirred away from corn and iceberg lettuce as they don’t have as many nutrition benefits as the other vegetables) but more so I made a commitment to always eat them before eating any thing else on the plate. This way I ate all my vegetables and usually I would get full before finishing my protein and starch. If however, I was still hungry, I ate even if it was cake or chips..I ATE.

Third, I opted for water! If someone offered me water I accepted. If I became thirsty during the day, and water was an option, I chose water. I didn’t fully reject soft drinks, and i continued to have coffee every morning but I added more water into my diet, which naturally resulted in me having less soft drinks.Water's many Benefits


These 3 efforts did not result in me dropping pounds daily like some plans, but I did see change and it was much more practical and easily incorporated into my daily routine.


The problem with the gym for me was  that though I was seeing results, I didn’t have a plan of attack, this would leave me in the gym for nearly two hours. It just wasn’t a practical practice and I could not afford  to dedicate that much time daily. I wanted a structured plan that could help me reach my goals. So i downloaded the Nike+ Training App, this app is so amazing!! It asked me a few questions regarding my fitness level, my goals, and so forth and then it customized a work out plan for 7 weeks ( including rest days). All the workouts are designed by trained athletes and coaches, each session is less than one hour long, and the exercises are performed so that you can see exactly how to do it.

Nike+ Training
Nike+ Training

For 7 weeks I had 5-6 workouts a week designed by Nike, and to supplement this I practiced yoga in the park every Sunday. I feel compelled to inform you that before you see changes your weight may fluctuate ( during the first two weeks I gained 5 pounds) , it is totally normal, so don’t become discouraged.

The app also allows you to edit the schedule to fit your needs, add workouts that you performed outside the app and let you see just how far you’ve come.

I was able to encourage a friend to download the app as well, and this gave me an accountability partner. Though we weren’t working out together, she called and reminded me to workout and drink my water, which is surprisingly incredibly helpful in ensuring that you follow thru.467bf4c9a60c848188dabad5b49e15bb

The app is free in the App store , and Sunday yoga is also free. However, if  you have the extra money there are some amazing gyms and trainers available for hire. I would recommend F3 cross training, with Ryan and Katie , they have two locations and they are so loving and helpful, truly two incredible people. You can check out there system for free every other Saturday as well.

Whatever route you choose I just advise that you commit to it, if you give it half the efforts you will get half of the results.7d0b626dfde5f5c2a9504ef59fb16da7


. When i weighed in initially I was 135, with a goal of 125. Today I am perfectly happy at 128 pounds, my waist has reduced from 26.5 inches to a trim 25. But the most important change I have seen is that I have finally gotten rid of that stubborn back fat!! I feel great, I am more energetic, calmer, and cant wait to start on my next workout program.

After I completed the lean fit program
After I completed the lean fit program

Today i graduated from Nike’s Lean Fit program to the BodyWeight Only plan. I will be celebrating with a ribeye, lobster tail, mashed potatoes, and green beans, after all its been 7 weeks.


Let me know what has worked out best for you when designing a exercise regimen.

4 Comments on “Finally Dropping the Weight

  1. That’s awesome Brianca!! I am so proud of your commitment and dedication to doing something about what your weight dilemma. Keep up the great work!! And above else, keep doing things the way that it works for you!!

    1. Rosa, thank you for your comment and taking the time to read my blog 🙂 … you inspire me to keep running, and when i get my time right, 5ks!!

  2. Hi! Your cousin Trish recommended your blog to me because I, too am about 30 lbs from my normal weight. (I have 3 kids ). I have tried juicing, calorie counting, low carb, restriction and everything in between. I have been looking for something precisely like your plan! Reading your blog is very motivating & inspiring. You look amazing! I am going to begin tomorrow. I, too, need a plan that I can do long term and something simple. I like your ideas and changes, they are simple enough to be able to fit into my routine. Thanks for sharing your blog!

    I would love that veggie recipe!

    1. Bri… first love your name 😉 that recipe is so simple you are going to die!!
      So steam your veggies ( you need a steam basket -5$ at your local grocery store)
      and then while thats going you will need to melt a tablespoon of butter, while its melting add in some sea salt, fresh garlic (grated), and some black pepper.
      When your veggies are done ( i like when they can be cut with a fork) toss them in your butter mix.
      When i discovered this i ate it daily… it was so so good

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