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Just Add Water

I knew Jason Smith, but I had never met Juyce. My friendship with Jason extends back to my freshman year at Texas Southern. Remember all those philosophical conversations that had you itching to go to a HBCU in the first place, Jason loved to scratch that itch. I mean my guy would talk for hours, and sometimes he would do the impossible. Meaning he would succeed in out talking me, no small feat I can assure you. So, when he reached out and asked me to listen to his album, thats just what I did. I found him on iTunes ( the album is also available on spotify and youtube) and listened daily for a week, not because he is my friend, though he is; but because ( and this rarely happens) IT WAS GOOD!

Probably a photo of the Jason, I know
Probably a photo of the Jason, I know
Photo from of Juyce's earlier performances.
Photo from of Juyce’s earlier performances.

Check out my album review below:

Medulla Oblongata … ME-Du-la Ob-laaan- gota Thats the message Juyce introduces his album with, my guess it is a metaphor  for the internal aggression that he possesses as a millennial  black man while also asserting the validity of our parents advice as a necessity for one to truly begin to structure their identity. This is what  his debut album “Just Add Water” is all about after all. Through a combination of blues, jazz, and hip hop influences and a few words of wisdom from his parents, Juyce sets out to define himself in a world that feels they have already figured him out.

Double Gucci is the first song on the album and it is Juyce’s declaration to the music world that he has arrived. Juyce speaks on the various distractions and temptations he faces on a  daily bases.Yet, instead of showing the anger most people expect of an individual in his position he proudly  affirms that he is good, in fact gucci, then proceeds to thank all the doubters for the adversity…  don’t worry he’s got this. Which is obvious to every one listening…

Favorite Bar: “ I just know when to state facts/ I just know when to attack”

Pardon My French, this party track is a meld of Houston’s un-rushed confidence combined with all the flavor and movement that defines New York.He flexes his lyrical muscles as he weaves words into rhymes,a wordsmith with the potential to make waves.

Favorite Bar: “Boy i gave you the game/but i never lost grip”

“went to the studio/skipped my rent/ made a sacrifice/ like man made lent”

Finessing, Juyce has taken it all the way! “Do i love these ho’s? Sadly” Juyce shows us he is woke af, as he makes sense of all the chaos around him providing fans with his stance regarding police harassment, materialism, dating, and self doubt. However , where a weaker man would have been spinning out of control, he becomes fluid like water,choosing to flow rather than crash.

Favorite Bar: “You getting flabby/thats just the swag though/you dressing in drag though”

“i was the greatest/before i knew i was/i just had to focus on my buzz”

The Game, Juyce has decided that there are some rules to surviving in a world where the devil is constantly trying to destroy you, and vows to succeed against all odds. Thanks to his own munificence he gives us a few tips as well, Thank you!!

Favorite Bar:  “Look America I’m young, black, and clever/when I’m going sell my soul/ nigga never”

“who is playing Geppetto /tell that nigga stop playing with my mental”

Never Can Say Goodbye, the albums one love song! Juyce allows us a seat on love’s rollercoaster as he describes meeting his boo for the very first time.. We get to know Juyce on a personal level as he goes on to describe the troubles of love, but as the title says, he aint going nowhere. Lucky girl!

Favorite Bar: Never can say goodbye

Just Add Water (Freestyle), with all this controversy surrounding the rap world right now,its no wonder that Juyce decided to show off his own lyrical chops.I’m still not sure who was using a ghost writer, but this is definitely all Jason.

Ass & T*****s, though weirdly titled its not about that at all. Instead we learn a bit more about Juyce’s parents, his motivations, and his love for New York (or maybe Houston?) Ok, maybe he talks about a few asses, but we will allow it.

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