I’m a Carnivale Girl?


I walked in this year’s carnival parade and it was all the fun it seemed to be! The feathers, the gems, and the beautiful women are synonymous with this annual parade. Where beautiful costumes are shown for all the world to see and then shed soon after. Symbolizing the way we as manimg_0001kind shed the worldly worries of the flesh and how we rise above and overcome them.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to have had ever seen a Brazillian festival costume in person ,but I knew my costume was left more than wanting, I convinced myself what I was missing in feathers I would make up for in personality, so I grabbed a friend and signed up anyway.

The other bird ladies were much better prepared than we were , they had all paid a professional to design their costumes ( why hadn’t I thought of that). I could tell you now that is not a cheap route to take , you may find yourself forking over serious duckets but you will look absolutely fabulous and those feathers are flattering for every body type.However with a little creativity and about a 2-3 week lead time you could design something quite brilliant on your own. .

Matters the costumes, the energy of the music and the crowd is enough to let you forget about how your costume turned out. Once the parade began you stopped being an individual and were just a bedazzled bird in formation with her flock. You dance you laugh you uplift and keep the energy pumping and when your energy gets low the flock urges you to keep up. It was amazing how complete strangers were completely relatable and like family to  img_0015you, even if  only for a brief place in time.img_0014
It was liberating the celebration of the human body the marvel of how we are all different in complexion size and maybe even gender identities but still divinely beautiful in our own right. The time to show that off and to say ” hey I love who am I for who I am and where I am right now. I love how far I have come. I love me.” In a world like this you don’t get to do that without getting called out on your Kanye level arrogance, but during carnival you are apart of another world. Your flying high above the politically correct conservatives and spreading your wings.
I feel so confident in my body now, I mean I wasn’t lacking in that area but I was hyper focusing on certain elements I would like to improve ( a little armpit fat here and there) but
carnival taught me I was beautiful because of those imperfections. I never would have known how much fun it is to dance in your skivvies had I not done this , thank you to the Caribbean and the island girls.I appreciate you allowing me to immerse myself in your culture for the day.and I  certainly hope to be there next year… only with a huge color coordinated girl crew! We all need to have a chance to experience this feeling of complete freedom, so who is in?img_0013

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