Sex is underrated?!


The most common topic used to sell everything from music to food is often under rated and therefore mismanaged by American culture. Sex is liberation and holds the ultimate power, yet many of my peers treat it as a recreational past time, reserved for a good night of drinking and rainy weather. Our chosen partners no longer have to be marriage material, in fact there is a possibility under the right influences you can hook up with a guy without a quick run thru his social media.


We hook up a few times and it seems inevitable that either myself or my partner become emotionally connected to this purely physical act. That is because it is far from ‘just physical’, no matter what we try and tell ourselves. In fact the Tantrikas, those who actively practice a tantric lifestyle, reserve sex as a spiritual ritual.Tantra teaches ” that lovemaking, when entered into with awareness, is a gateway to both sexual and spiritual transcendence.” The idea is that your unique spiritual energies unify when connected in a physical act, because sex is the closest connection two individuals can share besides childbirth it is seen as a gateway of further enlightenment. Also explains why you have been obsessed with analyzing all of his status updates.
Even though we have all been there we still want to believe in the good ole ‘hit it and quit it’ mantra.Thats because the idea of sex as a ritual  is nearly a complete contradiction of western philosophy. Here in the States we learn about sex in the classroom where we are taught to deny our savage animal like instincts while watching a slide show of common STD’s wcouple-731890_1920e will most certainly catch if we partake in this activity.From the time we discover our sexuality we are taught to be ashamed of it.Very natural thoughts and desires are thought of as mere urges which must be controlled or completely ignored because they are ‘dirty’. This ideology has created a stigma around the practice that leads to creation. So much so that we tell our children nonsensical stories about a stork and a watermelon patch. We treat our sexual organs as traitors, and deny them there power to guide, promote communication, unity,pleasure, and greater understanding of one’s self .Sex is an act reserved for lovers yet we treat it as criminal and salacious activity.
Why is this? Why aren’t we suggesting the idea of love making as the truly wonderful and beautiful ritual that it is. What is so dirty about two individuals who are in love joining in such a union? When sex is practiced with the idea of connecting with your partner as your main goal, you will find a greater connection and deeper understanding of one another.Where is the crime in that?
If we collectively decided to teach Lovemaking as the great power that it is, encourage the understanding of this particular union and ask that we not partake in it lightly; we may find ourselves in a society that honors both the male and female necessity in our culture. We would find our children suffering less heartbreak and more individuals taking an extra moment to truly consider whom they lay with. We would return back to a culture of love making and away from mindless f*#*ing drunk strangers who we met on tinder.

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