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Dating a Jerk? Here’s How to Win

HE LEFT ME…  My friend was both shocked and mortified, before she quickly disconnected the call. Several minutes later she called back, noticeably calmer, and declared: ‘Fuck Him! ‘ And just like that the spell was broken.  With books like The Game by Neill Strauss, The Subtle Art of Manipulation by Jake O’Connor, and The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene (insert eyeroll here), it seems that there is more emphasis

A Love Poem For (Z)

Lately I have spent my sleepless nights constructing a series of poems. This one in particular is dedicated to lovers, to falling deeply into the unknown and building a home there. To allowing love to conquer all. Let’s Runaway Somewhere far Take a ship through outer space Skinny Dip on planet Mars Close your eyes

Who knows but that, on lower frequencies, I speak for you

This article reflects the personal choices of this author to speak out in regards to social injustices, irregardless of mainstream opinion.   “You don’t give a fuck, you will say anything.”  I knew it was a compliment, but still the idea caused me to shift in my seat. I do give a fuck, in fact I

Life Comes At you Fast

Life comes at you fast.  Eight years ago, I boldly leapt into the real world. I had no money, no ideas, and no fear, but I did have Bronx. He was a shih-Tzu mix, given to me by (stolen from) my sister. Bronx was just three weeks old, when I proposed he come live with me.   See I was single, no roommate,

What You NEED to Know About Your New Diet

Can we talk about dieting? The fitness bug has bit us, and its spreading; everywhere, everyone is doing whatever it takes to look and feel their very best. With that said, a I feel it is time we have a real discussion about dieting. See, there is a science behind it and done properly a diet can have amazing rewards, but


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