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Not your same #NewYearNewMe

I’m excited for the new year, but I’m not exactly planning on becoming a ‘new me’. Mostly because in 2017 I found how to love me, not a new me, but all of me! With the new year people feel an urge to reinvent themselves, and it is completely understandable; however, I walked into 2017

Stop feeding the Monster of Doubt!

   Why is it that we are always so ready to throw in the towel? Earlier today I enjoyed a phone call from a good friend of mine, such is life we don’t get to talk as often as we used to, so It was disconcerting for me when she shared that she was experiencing

The Best Relationship Advice EVER

The best relationship advice I ever got didn’t come from my mother, or grandmother but a blogger on You Tube. Sounds fishy, but her message resonated with me.  The young woman was maybe 21, and was engaged to get married, during her video she was fielding questions from viewers, when one asked her: “how she prepared to be a wife”. The young woman thought

Salon Nails on A College Budget

Whats better than beautiful nails? Beautiful nails on a dime! You know I’ll be honest, I am not rolling in money, I have to be very cautious on how and where I spend it, but what I lack in funds I make up for in ingenuity. Budgeting can be dull, but with a little patience

Dating a Jerk? Here’s How to Win

HE LEFT ME…  My friend was both shocked and mortified, before she quickly disconnected the call. Several minutes later she called back, noticeably calmer, and declared: ‘Fuck Him! ‘ And just like that the spell was broken.  With books like The Game by Neill Strauss, The Subtle Art of Manipulation by Jake O’Connor, and The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene (insert eyeroll here), it seems that there is more emphasis


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